Small Groups

SUEU Small Group Bible Studies start in First Semester 2020. 

If you are keen to join a small group drop your faculty leader a message. The details are found on the faculty communities pages.

Bible Studies are places where Christians and Non-Christian get to know Jesus better through studying the Bible, praying and sharing life together.

SUEU Bible Studies run for an hour, every week of semester right across the campus. They are arranged with others in your course so that you can meet other people that you are studying with.

They are an excellent way to meet other Christians and be strengthened and encouraged in your faith on campus. They are also friendly places to investigate more about the Christian faith in a relaxed atmosphere.

To join a bible study drop in and fill in a form at the EU stall during O-week or during Public Meetings in week 1. Or fill in this form and someone from your faculty will be in touch: here.


Coming to Uni in 2020? Join a First Year small group.

We run First Year Small Groups to help new students meet other people in their faculty. These groups are great places to get to know people, to read God's word and support each other as you start uni together. These groups are for Christians and anyone who is interested in finding out more about Jesus. These groups focus on the Gospel of Mark and give lots of space to ask questions and work out what it means to follow Jesus in a university context. Oh, and they always have food!

Visit the EU Stall during O-week on Eastern Ave. Or fill in this form and someone from your faculty will be in touch: here.