Who We Are

Whale, hello there! Welcome to the Vet faculty!

We are a group of dog/ cat/ horse/ lion/ elephant/ snake/ cockatiel/ dugong/ guinea pig/ aardvark/ axolotl/ slow loris-enthusiasts who share a common passion for serving Jesus and proclaiming Him as Lord.

We’d love to meet you! So whether you are a Christian, seeking to learn about Jesus or are just curious, come join us as we continue growing in our knowledge of Christ and supporting each other in life!


What We Do

Bible Study Groups

Where we meet for an hour, eat, chat and most importantly read the bible and discuss what it says about Jesus and the impact this makes on our lives.

First Years || Semester 1 2019:

  • Monday 12:00pm  - On the Vet Lawns near the Veterinary Science Conference Centre.

Seniors || Semester 1 2019:

  • Thursday 1:00pm - meeting outside Veterinary Science Conference Centre


Get In Touch

Have questions? Just curious? Want to chat with someone?

Feel free to contact:

Faculty Leader: Emma Tollis
Mobile: 0468 830 308

OR like our Facebook page to keep up with upcoming events and outings.