“We are on for Social Work students sharing Jesus and their lives so that people might MEET Jesus, GROW in Jesus and IMITATE Jesus.”


WHO WE ARE // We're a bunch of Social Work students who are on about Jesus & living for Him. We're a community that is dedicated to meeting Jesus, growing together and proclaiming Him; particularly as we meet in small groups to check out the bible together.

If you're a Social Work student, we'd love you to join our community through bible studies, and a scattering of other events which take place throughout the year. We promise there will be fun times and love... and probably tea! 


We are currently organising our bible study times! Please don't hesistate to contact one of our faculty leaders down below if you would like to join in this year!


Call or text either of our 2019 faculty leaders:

Freya: 0406 449 386

Jessie: 0403 885 458

Jono (Staffworker): 0466 609 964