"To establish a faculty that exists to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and to spread His word among the Science students of The University and to encourage one another and build each other up, to the Glory of God. Amen."


Who We Are

The Applied Science faculty is made of science students that are keen to investigate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and what that might mean for our lives!

So if you are interested in learning more about Jesus and are studying a health related science such as any of these courses, then we would love to meet you :)

  • B Sci (Health)
  • B Sci (Medical Science)
  • B Sci and B Adv studies (Agriculture)
  • B Sci and B Adv (Food and Agribusiness)
  • B Sci and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • B Psychology
  • B Adv computing/B sci (Health)
  • B Eng honours/B Science (Health)
  • B Sci/Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • B Sci/Doctor of Medicine
  • B Science / Nursing
  • B Science (Health)/Nursing
  • B Liberal Arts and Science
  • B Science and Advanced Studies
  • B Applied Sci (Speech Pathology)
  • B Applied Sci (Diagnostic Radiography)
  • B Applied Sci (Exercise Physiology) / B Applied Sci (Exercise and Sports Science)

If you are studying a straight B Sci or double degree then Pure Science is the faculty for you :)

What We Do

Small Group
Interested in studying the bible at uni? We run weekly small group bible studies where you can meet with other science students to read and discuss God’s word. We’d love to see you there! 
First Year Small Group Times: Monday 1pm, Tuesday 1pm, Wednesday 1pm, Thursday 1pm, Friday 1pm.
Seniors Small Group Times: TBC - email with your timetable so we can slot you in.
Feel free to contact us with any queries :)
Discipleship Groups are a smaller, more relaxed opportunity to engage in fellowship with applied science peeps. Build strong bonds with other members from the faculty outside of your small group and mutually support and encourage each other over the semester :)
Study/Prayer Day
Come into Uni during the Mid Semester Break (exact date TBC) where you can meet other people from our faculty and study together, have good chats and pray together :)

Get in Touch!

For more information contact the faculty leaders:
Stewart Ross ( E:, P: 0423 149 557) or
Abby de Witte ( E: , P: 0425 326 121)

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