Faculty Planning 2019

Faculty Planning 2019

Welcome faculty teams! - Howies, faculty leaders and committees

As part of our faculty planning for 2019 we are going to spend three days together hearing from the Bible, learning about the EU’s Objects and values and foci for 2019 as well as planning and praying in our faculty teams. It will be a great start to our year in faculty ministry. Because there are 20 faculty teams this year we have clustered our faculties into three groups (also based around the way in which our staff organise our staff teams).

The planning days for each group will be held from Wednesday to Friday, 6 to 8 February but in three different locations. The cost will be $137 which will cover the cost of the accomodation and all food. You will need to bring all the usual stuff for going away - bedding (sleeping bag, etc), Bible, and also any material that you will need to plan in your faculties (e.g. sticky notes, faculty contact lists).

Here are the details:

Arts Plus, Pure Arts, Vet, Nursing, Pharmacy, E&B, Law

The Venue Conference Centre
18 Cawley St, Bellambi NSW 2518
Contact: Laura Southam (0419 010 835)

ACES, Con, Engineering, Design, Science-Pure, Science-Applied
Primary Ed, Secondary Ed, Social work, MTeach

Camp Kedron
7 Emmaus Rd, Ingleside NSW 2101
Contact: Paddy Benn (0412 093 150)


euFOCUS will be going to to a house at Katoomba - you do not need to register through this page, but please email Ben Lim for details.
Contact: Ben Lim (0400 101 242)


Dates: 6 to 8 February
Start: Wednesday 9:45am to check in, session starts at 10:15am
Finish: Friday after lunch, about 2:30pm
Location: Depends on your faculty - check above
Cost: $137

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(unless you're going to euFOCUS)