EPS Launch

Starting a higher degree by research at USYD? Or starting work at uni this year? We'd love to welcome you (back) to university and into the EU's postgrad & staff community. This is an annual highlight of the evangelical postgrad and staff community as we welcome new staff and postgrads, and commission each other for our work on campus. To be COVID-19 safe, please bring your own food.

Thursday 4 March
Location: Victoria Park
(we will advise location change if we encounter adverse weather on the day)
BYO food

Why should you come?

1. Meet fellow research postgraduates, academics, and staff who love Jesus - we know sometimes that being a Christian on campus can be an isolated experience; an opportunity for fellowship and encouragement is invaluable.
2. We would love to share our ideas and vision for EPS on campus as we dedicate our work to God.

To register, complete the google form below, and let us know about your availability for small groups.