Postgrad Day at AnCon


Postgrad Day at AnCon

August 4 | 10am Katoomba | $45+lunch

Each year EU Postgrads and Staff take a day off campus to attend the Wednesday of Annual Conference. It's our yearly retreat to develop as Christians within our vocation and to gather with other postgrads and staff from across the university.

More information to come soon.


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Previous Topics and Speakers:
2020 – Apprenticeship – How the Bible Shapes Our Interpretive Habits and Practices | David Starling
2019 – Work, Research, & Witness in a Secular Age | Rory Shiner, Greg Anderson, Lynn Kay
2018 – Wisdom, Knowledge, and Learning | Andrew Errington and Matthew Moffitt
2017 – Being a Public Christian | Natasha Moore
2016 – Just Work | Kate Harrison Brennan and Matthew Moffitt
2015 – The Gospel in the University | Chris Swann and Matthew Moffitt
2014 – The University and Society | Mark Hutchinson
2013 – Creation | Byron Smith and Nathan Lovell
2012 – Wisdom and the Foolishness of God | Ian Harper
2011 – The University and the Church | Matthew Moffitt and Trevor Cairney
2010 – Being Christian in the University | Matheson Russell