Postgrad Day at AnCon

Work, Research, & Witness in a Secular Age

Wednesday 31 July | 10am–9:30pm Merroo Conference Centre | $45* (not including lunch)

The phenomenon of secularisation has been a widely recognised feature of western culture over the last three hundred years. The cultural revolution of the 1960s and the more recent gender revolution are (it seems) part of this wider story. What is the nature of this ever changing secular space? How does it shape our context as researchers? What does faithful work and witness look like in this context? These will be the questions we explore together.

Our Speaker  Rory Shiner:
Rory studied Arts at the University of Western Australia and theology at Moore College in Sydney. He recently completed his PhD at Macquarie University on the life and work of Donald Robinson. He is senior pastor of Providence City Church in Perth, where he lives with his wife, Susan, and their four boys. He has written books on Union with Christ and on the relationship between Jesus’ resurrection and our own.

Each year during EU Annual Conference we run a one day conference for postgrads and staff to help us develop as Christians within our vocation. It's our yearly retreat to gather with other postgrads and staff from across the university. The program includes time to pray for each other, the world, and consider how to grow in our service of Jesus at the university. After dinner we also join the undergraduate EU community for the main evening session. 

Registration is open now and covers conference attendance. We go off site for lunch, and the price of your meal is not included in your conference registration. If you have an questions about registration, please contact Matthew Moffitt. Subsidies and loans are available for people to attend the conference. 

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*The $45 does not include lunch but does cover the compulsory part time charge. Please untick this option when you register to avoid being overcharged.

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