EPS Symposia

Symposia occur 5-6 times each year as a gathering moment for postgraduate students and staff to discuss a range of topics and ideas.

The purpose of symposia is to 'help postgrads and staff flourish in their workplaces and see how all knowledge finds its fullness in Christ.'

The Next Symposium:

Teaching Symposium | 12–1pm August 20 | Online

Teaching is a core part of university business. In lectures, tutorials, seminars, labs, and through our contact hours – we spend a lot of time teaching.

But teaching can also be a source of stress in our lives. And depending on your faculty or school, you may not feel overly prepared to teach. 

Our next online symposium is designed to help us be better teachers in the university. With the help of three Christian academics, we'll be considering two aspects of teaching:

  1. Christian thinking about teaching in higher education contexts
  2. How does being a Christian impact how we teach in this current pandemic situation?

Our Presenters: 

Prof Liam Semler
Liam teaches, supervises and researches widely in the field of early modern English literature. His research activity has three main areas of focus: Shakespeare and pedagogy in literary studies at school and university; English women’s writing of the mid-seventeenth century; and early modern English literature and the visual arts. Liam's research into pedagogy addresses the problem of how creativity and innovation operate within formal educational systems. Key to this is understanding the entanglement of educators and students in neoliberal, managerial and standardized teaching and learning contexts. 


Dr Di Warren
Di was awarded the Faculty Of Science Outstanding Teaching Award in both 2017 and 2018, for inspiring lecturing and continual educational innovation focused on increasing student motivation and engagement, particularly in very large courses. She is responsible for overseeing the curriculum development of first year Data Science and Statistics courses, with increasing emphasis on current data stories, problem-based learning and student's ability to write and present collaborative reports.


Dr Jennifer E. Nicholson
Jennifer's research projects currently span Shakespeare studies (particularly Hamlet), Shakespeare in translation, Renaissance books, Renaissance publication history, and world literature. She has also worked on Anglophone translations of Japanese film and her broader research interests include untranslatability and comparative translation. Jennifer  recently submitted her PhD in the Department of English at the University of Sydney, Australia, and now teaches in the Department of English.




Schedule for 2020:

  • February 25 – Theological Anthropology & Genre with Michael Jensen
  • May 25 – Mental Health for Postgrads
  • August 20 – How to Teach Like you Care
  • September– Panel Faith in Science
  • October – Panel: Ethics and Integrity in Research 
  • November – Who's afraid of diversity and inclusion

Previous Symposia

  • Faith in Science: Living Well as a Christian in Science (with Dr Liz New (Chemistry), Dr Peter Kim (Maths), and Dr Luke Barnes (Physics))
  • Justice (with Jacob Sarkodee from International Justice Mission)
  • Doctrine of Creation (with Murray Smith from Christ College, Sydney)
  • History (with Dr Meredith Lake, award winning author of The Bible in Australia and presenter for ABC Radio)
  • Mental Health Seminar (with Leissa Aitken, clinical psychologist and PhD candidate)
  • The Ethics of Technology (with Rev Dr Andrew Sloane from Morling College. Sydney)
  • Everyday Peacemaking (with Bruce Burges from PeaceWise)
  • Mental Health (with Rev Dr Keith Condie (PhD Sydney) from ADM Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute)
  • Prayer and Academia (with Rev Dr Mark Earngey from Moore Theological College)
  • November 14 – Conflicts of Interest (with Dr Liam Semler (English), Dr Sophie Lewis (CPC), Stephanie Dunk (PhD candidate Business School), Tori Grimes (University Development Office) and Kellia Chiu (PhD candidate Pharmacy))
  • Theological Anthropology & Genre (with Rev Dr Michael Jensen from St Mark's Church Darling Point)
  • Mental Health & COVID-19 (with Dr Jenny Brown from The Family Systems Insititute)