EPS Symposia

Symposia occur 5-6 times each year as a gathering moment for postgraduate students and staff to discuss a range of topics and ideas.

The purpose of symposia is to 'help postgrads and staff flourish in their workplaces and see how all knowledge finds its fullness in Christ.'

The Next Symposium:

Theological Anthropology & Genre | 1pm February 25 | Eastern Ave 406

Stories are theological. And because they are theological, they are also anthropological. They tell us about God – or the gods – and they tell us about ourselves. Human beings could not do otherwise than tell stories to one another, about one another. And the impulse to narrate immediately invokes beginnings, middles, and ends, and makes any number of implicit and explicit assumptions about how these come to pass. What kind of creature is the human creature? And what kind of universe does it inhabit – is it purposeful, chaotic, or locked in by unyielding fate? What meaning can we then ascribe to human actions? Different kinds of stories give us different answers to these questions. Building on Michael's recently published book The Theological Anthropology of the Great Literary Genres, this symposium will examine tragedy, comedy, epic, and gospel.

Our Speaker: Rev Dr Michael Jensen

Michael is the rector of St Mark's Darling Point in Sydney. He studied a BA at Sydney, a BDiv at Moore Theological College, and a D.Phil at Oxford. He is the author of a number of books including “Theological Anthropology Through the Great Literary Genres” (2018), “Martyrdom and Identity” (2010), and “My God My God - Is it Possible to Believe Anymore?” (2013). He is a frequent media commentator and teaches theology with the Sydney College of Divinity and the Australian College of Theology.  Michael is co-host of the With All Due Respect podcast by Eternity News with Rev. Megan Powell du Toit. He is married with four children.

Schedule for 2020:

  • February 25 – Theological Anthropology & Genre with Michael Jensen
  • April – Mental Health for Postgrads
  • June – How to Teach Like you Care
  • August – Panel Faith in Science
  • October – Panel: Ethics and Integrity in Research 
  • November – Who's afraid of diversity and inclusion

Previous Symposia

  • Faith in Science: Living Well as a Christian in Science (with Dr Liz New (Chemistry), Dr Peter Kim (Maths), and Dr Luke Barnes (Physics))
  • Justice (with Jacob Sarkodee from International Justice Mission)
  • Doctrine of Creation (with Murray Smith from Christ College, Sydney)
  • History (with Dr Meredith Lake, award winning author of The Bible in Australia and presenter for ABC Radio)
  • Mental Health Seminar (with Leissa Aitken, clinical psychologist and PhD candidate)
  • The Ethics of Technology (with Rev Dr Andrew Sloane from Morling College. Sydney)
  • Everyday Peacemaking (with Bruce Burges from PeaceWise)
  • Mental Health (with Rev Dr Keith Condie (PhD Sydney) from ADM Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute)
  • Prayer and Academia (with Rev Dr Mark Earngey from Moore Theological College)
  • November 14 – Conflicts of Interest (with Dr Liam Semler (English), Dr Sophie Lewis (CPC), Stephanie Dunk (PhD candidate Business School), Tori Grimes (University Development Office) and Kellia Chiu (PhD candidate Pharmacy))