The EU is joining with many other student Christian groups around the country in helping people 'uncover' who Jesus is. We are using a copy of Luke's gospel (an account of the life of Jesus) to sit down with people and help them consider the claims that Jesus makes about himself, and the claims that he makes on our lives.

The Uncover Project was developed by Christian groups in the UK a few years ago and has been adopted for our local Australian setting. It includes a copy of Luke's gospel, as well as a website with video and text based resources. The website has been designed to supplement what you are reading as you read through Luke's gospel. To check out the website you can visit www.uncover.org.au

If you are part of the EU then we encourage you to ask a friend to read Uncover with you this year, it can take about an hour each week for 4-6 weeks. You can purchase a copy here.

After you’ve bought your booklets, head to the Chaplaincy (in the Transient Building) to collect them from the storeroom there. It’s just an honesty system: take how many books you’ve bought. If you’re not sure where the storeroom is, ask one of the EU staff in the chaplaincy.

$6.00 AUD