AnCon21 FAQ

1. General Questions

What is AnCon?

AnCon (i.e. Annual Conference) is an annual event run by the Sydney University Evangelical Union for all students to come and learn more about who Jesus is. We would love to see you there to spend time with friends having fun and learning from the Bible. 

Where is it?

Katoomba Christian Convention centre (KCC), in the Blue Mountains. 

When is it?

AnCon is held in the last week of the winter holidays before semester starts. This year, AnCon is from Monday 2nd August to Friday 6th August.

Why should I come to AnCon?

By the end of the week, we think (and pray!) that you will have: Learnt a lot about how God reveals himself to us in a variety of unique and marvellous ways; benefited from experiencing Christian community and developing life-long friendships; and been challenged in such a way that your life changes in significant ways. Many EU graduates look back on the AnCons they attended and recognise that God has used the depth of learning & community they experienced there in profound ways in their life. 

What happens over AnCon?

Each day will begin with time spent in community with people studying similar things to you and all-in learning from God’s word. After some yummy food, we will be having seminars and free time to hang out with the people you are meeting and make lots of memories. Every evening we will be learning about who Jesus is, as both divine God and mortal man, and how that impacts how we connect with our family, friends, partners, the world... everything! After this evening session, there will be a range of activities including Q&As and a bonfire night. 

How does accommodation and room allocation work? 

Standard accommodation is a dormitory-style room with a bunch of other people of the same gender (the exact number may vary). Bathrooms are shared between blocks of rooms. You could pay extra for an ensuite which has a bathroom attached to the room and will be shared with a group of other people too (the exact number may vary between sites). 

It's pretty fun and you'll be good friends with your room by the end of the week. Room allocation is usually based on a mix of factors, and you'll have people from your region in your room. You can let us know if you really want to be placed with a friend in the “special requests” when registering.

What are Review Groups?

Review groups happen each day of AnCon with a group of people from your region (Health, Humanities, STEM, Focus, or the Con). We'll meet in the same groups each day to discuss the talk from the night before, and think more deeply about what the Bible says and the implications for us. This is a great chance for you to get to know other people on AnCon more and think through what we are learning on AnCon.

Is there free time? 

Yes! Every day, in fact. We encourage you to make use of this time to catch up with friends, make new ones, explore Katoomba, play in our organised sports comps, or take a break so you are ready and recharged for what comes next! More information will be available closer to AnCon about what activities will be running so keep an eye out for that! 

What if I can’t go the whole time?

Obviously, you'll benefit most from AnCon if you're there for the whole time – the talks, the community, the seminars are all designed for you to be there for the whole week.* However, if you can only come part-time, we would still love to see you there! There is a part-time option upon rego where you can pay per meal or day you will attend. If you need to change your registration, please email Lesley Zhang at  

Are there transport options?

Your regions can help you find a transport option like carpooling with others from Sydney or catching the train up with a bunch of mates. If you are planning on catching to train to Katoomba, there is a chartered bus to meet you and take everyone to the KCC site. Either way, you’re destined to make friends doing so! :) 

What do I need to bring? 

Clothing for cold, cold weather. Stuff you can play sport in. Bedding (sleeping bag and a pillow recommended). Toiletries, bath towel, pyjamas. A Bible if you have one (if you don't, let us know and we'll get one for you as a gift). Pens. Your EU t-shirt  if you have one (you can buy one there if you don't own one). Money to purchase any books at our book store on site or coffee in Katoomba. 


2. Specific Questions

I'm not a Christian. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon? 

Absolutely yes! In fact, we'd love to shout you a $100 discount ($20 per day if you’re attending part time) so that AnCon is cheaper for you! We believe this God stuff is true and real and we want you to know Him. The conference is designed so that you will get a clear understanding about what it is that Christians hold to be true, and what that means for how we are to live in response. During the week, you will have the opportunity to nut out the things that you find difficult to believe in during our Investigating Jesus elective stream. You will also have the opportunity at different points throughout the week to ask our knowledgeable staff and Rowan (the guy giving the talks) all your hard questions! 

I'm an international student. Is it ok for me to come  on AnCon? 

Yes absolutely, everybody is welcome and we would love to have you there! Please note that AnCon will be an in-person, residential conference in Katoomba, so you would need to be in the Greater Sydney Region for at least some of the AnCon dates (2-6th August). Katoomba is also an awesome place to explore and we’d love to show you around! We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

I'm a postgraduate student or university employee. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

You bet! EU Postgrads and Staff run a special day on the Wednesday of AnCon for staff and postgrad students to hear from a guest speaker and join in the wider SUEU. When registering, select the PostGrad option. 

I'm a non-USyd student. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Sure is! Whilst we encourage you to attend the mid-year conference that your own campus group runs, we understand that for some, that isn't possible. You're welcome to join us. Please let us know which region you would like to be a part of if you have a friend you are joining, or by looking at the list of “Communities” on the EU website here. 

I'm a student at the Con. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

It definitely is! The Con Christian Group is part of the SUEU and they’re attending AnCon.

I’m a student who used to be on the Cumberland Campus. Is it ok for me to come on AnCon?

Absolutely! You will likely be part of the EU Health region. 

I don’t know anyone - will I make friends?

Yes! Everyone in the Evangelical Union is really friendly and open to making new connections. There will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends; whether that be in your rooms, review groups, regional day communities time, meal times, sports competitions… the list goes on! Be prepared to make some life long friends this week!

This is my first time at AnCon. I don't have a particular question, but I'm feeling a bit anxious... 

We hear you! We have made big efforts to make your AnCon experience non-terrifying - in fact, we think you'll have such an amazing time that you'll be eager to return again next year! Each morning, you will spend time with the people who are in your faculty (those who study the same stuff as you) where you will come to know people, and feel known by people. There will be ample opportunities to form friendships across the conference. Free time will include some activities if you want to meet people outside your faculty group, so there's something for everyone. Oh, and there's a $20 discount if you're in your first year of university! 

3. Registration Questions 

How do I register?

When you head to (as you have successfully done - congratulations), you will notice that you need to log in to register. If you have an account, just login at the bottom right of the page, then click on the 'Register' tab on the main AnCon page. If you've ever received an email from the EU, then you have an account on the website, so just click the "Request new password" link under the login fields and follow the instructions. If you have trouble, contact your staff worker and ask them to reset your password. If you don't have an account, go to the bottom right of the page and click 'Create new account'. You'll be sent a login, with which you will be able to register - hooray!

If you run into any other issues with registration, please email Lesley Zhang at

When will rego close?

The first year discount will close in Week 12 on Sunday 30th May.

Standard rego will close on Sunday 4th July. Late registraion is open between July 5-18.

"Can I register late?"

Any registration occuring between July 5th and July 18th will be considered late. Registration within this window will incur an additional $10 fee. After July 18th, registration will be closed; you will  need to email Lesley Zhang at to apply for late registration.

"What is late registration?"

Late registration is available, but incurs a $10 fee. Registration is considered late when either of the following conditions is true:

  • Standard registration has closed, and you are registering after July 4th.
  • We have met our lower capacity threshold (550), and are working toward our upper threshold.

These conditions do not impact the registration itself, only the associated cost.

What if my registration lapses but I still want to come to AnCon?

Your registration will lapse if you haven't paid in full by 18 July 2021, in which case you need to email Lesley Zhang at to see if your request can be accommodated.

What if I have dietary requirements?

That's totally fine! Let us know on your registration form and the KCC staff can prepare food especially for you. 

4. Financial Questions 

How much does AnCon cost? 

AnCon is $408 (plus a $2 administration fee and GST) for full-time registration in a dorm-style room, including all your meals and conference materials. If you want an ensuite (avoiding the cold barefoot run to the bathrooms in the middle of the night), it's an extra $60 (making it $470 plus GST). There are discounts available for first years and for those who are investigating Christianity. 

There are a part-time option upon rego where you can pay per meal or day you will attend. There is also a part-time surchage of $18 (plus a $2 administration fee and GST).

Do I have to pay all at once?

Nope! Upon registering, you have the choice to pay the whole fee upfront or gradually by instalments which work for you. However, you must finish your payment in full before the cut-off date on 18 July 2021 for your registration to be complete. If you are unable to pay in full, please contact Bridget Chan on

What if I want to come but cost is a barrier?

There is help for those under financial pressure and we’d love to chat with you to make sure that everyone who wants to come on AnCon, can. You can contact your staff worker on your normal EU day, or contact Bridget Chan at or fill in the google form here

What if I need to cancel my rego? / Want a refund?

The S.U.E.U. Refund policy is outlined here. If you need to cancel your registration, please contact Lesley Zhang at

Where does my money go? 

Most of your money will be going towards accommodation, meals and facilities for the conference, as well as logistical aspects including the tech gear and set-up of locations. We also use some money to subsidise the registration of people investigating Christianity and first years. If you have further questions about where your money is going, contact Bridget Chan at