SUEU AnCon 2019 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is AnCon?
AnCon is held in the last week of the winter holidays. In 2019, this will be from Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August. Sign-in opens at 10am on Monday, and the conference finishes at 3:30pm on Friday. 

How much does AnCon cost? 
AnCon is $390 for full-time registration in a dorm-style room, including all your meals and conference materials. If you want an ensuite (avoiding the cold barefoot run to the bathrooms in the middle of the night), it's an extra $55 (making it $445). There are discounts available for first years and for those who are investigating Christianity.

Where is AnCon? 
AnCon is held at the Merroo Christian Conference Centre, 182 Mill Road, Kurrajong Hills NSW 2758. For the visual learners amongst us:

When will registration close? 
Registration will close on Saturday 22nd June (the end of the exam period).

What if I can't go for the whole week? 
Obviously you'll benefit most from Anon if you're there for the whole week - the talks, the community, the electives are all designed on the assumption that you'll be there for the entire length of the conference. That said, we know life sometimes doesn't cooperate - you can go part-time. Come along for as much as you can! It's definitely worth it. 

Do I have to pay all at once?
Nope! Upon registering, you have the choice to pay the whole fee upfront or gradually by instalments which work for you. However, you must pay a $50 deposit by Saturday 29th June in order to confirm your registeration. Please note that the $50 deposit is non-refundable. The full payment is required by Sunday 14th July.

Is there help for people under financial pressure?
Yes, there is! You can apply for an interest-free loan or subsidy by speaking to your faculty's Howie (ministry apprentice), or by filling out the AnCon Financial Assistance Inquiry Form which you can find online here. If you are unsure about how to proceed, contact Josh Tran at

How do I register?
When you head to (as you have successfully done - congratulations), you will notice that you need to log in to register. If you have an account, just login at the bottom right of the page, then click on the 'Register' tab on the main Ancon page. If you've ever received an email from the EU, then you have an account of the website, so just click the "Request new password" link under the login fields and follow the instructions. If you have trouble, contact your Howie and ask them to reset your password. If you don't have an account, go to the bottom right of the page and click 'Create new account'. You'll be sent a login, with which you will be able to register - hooray!

What if my registration lapses but I still want to come to AnCon?
Your registration will lapse if you haven't paid the $50 deposit by Saturday 29th June, in which case you need to email Sophie at to see if your request can be accommodated.

What if my rego lapses?
The S.U.E.U. Refund policy is outlined here.

Why should I come to AnCon? 
By the end of the week, we think (and pray!) that you will have: learnt a lot about how God reveals himself to us in a variety of unique and marvellous ways; ​benefited from experiencing Christian community and developing life-long friendships; and been challenged in such a way that your life changes in significant ways. Many EU graduates look back on the AnCons they attended and recognise that God has used the depth of learning & community they experienced there in profound ways in their life.    ​ 

What do I need to bring?
Clothing for cold, cold weather. Stuff you can play sport in. Bedding (sleeping bags and extra pillows recommended). Toiletries, towels. A Bible if you have one (if you don't, let us know and we'll get one for you as a gift). Pens. Your EU t-shirt (you can buy one there if you don't own one). Cash if you would like to purchase any books at our book stall. 

What happens on AnCon? 
A lot! Basically: the morning is spent with your faculty groups, the afternoon in electives and free time, which include various sporting competitions, and the evenings in a main session, after which there are a range of activities depending on the night. 

What are Review Groups? 
Review groups happen each day of AnCon. We'll meet in the same groups each day to discuss the talk from the night before, and think more deeply about what the Bible says and the implications for us. It's also a time to wrestle with the questions that have sprung up for you throughout the week. 

Is there free time? 
Yes! Every day, in fact. You can play sport, hang out and knit, play cards, or just have a cup of tea by yourself. 

How does accommodation and room allocation work? 
You will be placed in a dormitory-style room with a bunch of other people in bunk beds (unless you choose an ensuite, in which case you'll be with a couple of others). It's pretty fun and you'll be good friends will your room by the end of the week. Room allocation is usually based on a mix of factors, and you'll have people from your faculty in your room. You can let us know if you really want to be placed with a friend.   

What's the deal with meals?  
They happen 3 times a day, plus morning and arvo tea! Trust me, you'll never feel hungry. Meal times are reminiscent of Hogwarts. By that I mean that you dine with a huge group of people in a big room, and get to meet heaps of new people. In every other sense, it is dissimilar to Hogwarts. As we're living in community, we will all take turns in doing the orderlies (which is actually quite fun as a way of meeting people).  

What if I have dietary requirements?
That's totally fine! Let us know on your registration form and the Merroo staff can prepare food especially for you, although it will cost you an extra $10.

This is my first time at AnCon. I don't have a particular question, but I'm feeling a bit anxious... 
We hear you! We have made big efforts to make your AnCon experience non-terrifying - in fact, we think you'll have such an amazing time that you'll be eager to return again next year! Each morning, you will spend time with the people who are in your faculty (those who study the same stuff as you). This is a much smaller group, which means that you will know people, and feel known by people, very early on in the conference. There will be ample opportunities to form friendships across the week. Free time will include both structured and non-structured activities, so there's something for everyone.

Oh and there's a $15 discount if you're in first year!  (Hurry - the discount closes on Friday 31 May)

I'm an introvert. Will I be overwhelmed by too much people-time? 
Do not fear. There is certainly probably more people-time than your typical week, but there is also sufficient opportunity for recharging by yourself, if that's what you need.   

I'm not a Christian. Is it ok for me to come  to AnCon? 
Absolutely yes! In fact, we'd love to shout you a $100 discount off full time rego, because we believe this God stuff is true and real and we want you to know Him. The conference is designed so that you will get a clear understanding about what it is that Christians hold to be true, and what that means for how we are to live in response. Every afternoon, you will have the opportunity to nut out the things that you find difficult to believe in our Investigating Jesus elective stream. Every lunch time, you will have the opportunity to sit down with Rowan (the guy who gives the talks) and have a one on one chat to ask any questions you might have.   

I'm an international student. Is it ok for me to come  to AnCon? 
Of course! We have a simple English component for you, and would love for you to join us. It's a great place to make friends.  

I'm a non-USyd student. Is it ok for me to come to AnCon?
Sure is! Whilst we encourage you to attend the mid-year conference that your own campus group runs, we understand that for some, that isn't possible. You're welcome to join us.  

I'm a student at the Con. Is it ok for me to come to AnCon?
Definitely is!  The Con Christian Group is attending AnCon.  

I'm a postgraduate student or member of the university staff. Is it ok for me to come  to AnCon? 
You bet! EU Postgrads and Staff run a special day on the Wednesday of AnCon for staff and postgrad students.

Where does my money go?
Most of it goes to the site for food and accomodation. A little bit goes towards things like sound gear, printing, fun activities etc. We also use some money to subsidise the registration of people investigating Christianity, first years and guests from overseas or interstate. Some money also goes back to the EU to fund activities that do not raise revenue themselves.

However, the GST you pay for your registration goes directly to the Australian Tax Office. Please note though where no GST has been charged, the EU has determined that the supply is a GST-free supply under section 38-220 of the GST Act.