On-campus & in person in 2021

The sydneyunieu is meeting in-person and on campus this year
 (... COVID-Safe of course✔️)

In response to COVID-19, the EU’s ministry will look a little different this year. On 10am-3pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of semester, the EU will gather in three day communities, based around degrees and their disciplines.

EU Humanities includes the EU faculties of PureArts, Arts Plus, Law, Secondary Ed, Primary Ed, Social Work and Economics & Business

EU Health includes Applied Science, Allied Health, Nursing, Med/Dent and Pharmacy

EU STEM includes Pure Science, Engineering, Design, ACES and Vet.

EU ministries at The Con, FOCUS and EPS will keep meeting as specialist day communities and will run their unique programs.

Let us know when you'll be coming.

Commit to an EU day

We encourage all EU students to commit to an EU day in your region! Each day will include:

10am-12pm - small group Bible studies

12-1pm - interactive Bible seminar

1-2pm - lunch hour to socialise with other EUers 

2-3pm - training time to be trained in Christian service

We believe you will get the most out of the EU if you take part in a full regional day community, 10am-3pm, on one of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This might involve coming into Uni especially to fellowship with the EU, or it might require preferencing classes to dedicate a block of time for the EU.

Amidst the dislocation of COVID-19, we believe deep relationships around the Bible are especially important. However, if your timetable restricts your participation in a whole EU day, you can spread things out across multiple days.

To help our day leaders plan great day programs please let us know your availability for what day you can commit to. The locations for day communities in Semester 1 are listed below.

Join your Community:

Health Community

Tuesday - SNH SR 4001 

Wednesday - Physics LT 424 
Thursday - Physics LH SR G19 

Humanities Community
Tuesday - Carslaw LS 352 
Wednesday - Law Annex LT 101 
Thursday - Carslaw LS 157

Stem Community
Tuesday - Merewether LS 158 
Wednesday - Carslaw LT 159-259 
Thursday - Merewether LS 158