Welcome to resource repository of the Sydney University Evangelical Union. Here you will find a freely accessible collection of media and document resources we have recorded and collected over the years, for your edification. Please note that some resources will require you to login.

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Recently Added Resources

Public Meetings 2017 John: Why Would Jesus Wash His Disciple's Fee... 24-Aug-17
Public Meetings 2017 Who am I - am Belonging (S2, Week 3) 17-Aug-17
Public Meetings 2017 Who am I? Belonging (S2, Week 2) 10-Aug-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 7: Hope of the Resurrection (S2, Week 1) 03-Aug-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 6 - Proclaiming the Resurrection 28-Jul-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 5 - The World to Come 27-Jul-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 4 - Our Future Resurrection 26-Jul-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 3 - Our Present Resurrection 25-Jul-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 2 - The Meaning of Jesus' Resurrection 24-Jul-17
AnCon 2017 Talk 1 - The Fact of Jesus' Resurrection 24-Jul-17
Public Meetings 2017 John: No Ordinary Gift (S1, Week 13) 08-Jun-17
Public Meetings 2017 John: Three Shadowy Figures (S1, Week 12) 01-Jun-17
Public Meetings 2017 John: Never Hunger or Thirst Again (S1, Week 11) 25-May-17
Public Meetings 2017 Brokenness: Who am I? (S1, Week 10) 18-May-17
Public Meetings 2017 Brokenness: Who am I? (S1, Week 9) 11-May-17