SUEU Public Meetings

EU Public Meetings are a weekly opportunity for anyone and everyone on campus to hear the claims of Jesus Christ as taught through the Bible. The format for Public Meetings includes prayer, a public reading from the Christian Bible, and a 30-35min talk from the passage. Please join us for afternoon tea afterwards.

Main campus

Tuesday 1-2pm : Carslaw Lecture Theatre 159

Wednesday 1-2pm : Carslaw Lecture Theatre 159

Thursday 1-2pm : Carslaw Lecture Theatre 275

Con campus

Thursday 1-2pm : Room 2003

Mallett St campus

Tuesday 1-2pm (starting in Wk2) : Seminar Room 2


Public Meeting Program for Semester 1, 2018

Week 1-4 : Isaiah

Week 5-7 : 1 Thessalonians

Week 8-9 : 'What are you longing for?'

Week 10-13: Isaiah



Tuesday Public Meeting â€‹hearing from John 2:1-12