Launch Day

Come to Launch Day 2017 to meet and hang out with a group of Christian uni students and become part of the community.

When: 28 Feb, 1:10pm - 8:30pm

Where: Meet at the Fisher Tennis Lawns (behind Fisher Library)

Cost: Free for first-years, $20 for seniors

If you’re new to the EU…

Welcome! The Evangelical Union (EU) is a Bible-based Christian group on campus. You can check out more about what we believe in here.

Launch Day is where the whole union comes together in preparation for the year to come. You will be able to meet future friends studying the same courses as you so you won’t feel as awkward when you first make the transition between high school and university.

It’s also a great time to hear about how university might look like in general, and specifically for Christians. So come along! We can’t wait to meet you!

If you’re already part of the EU…

This will be a great opportunity to forge new relationships and nurture old ones, to kick-start the year in fellowship and to learn more about how the whole union is aiming to build community within Jesus’ kingdom and the rest of the world. Start 2017 with Launch, Rego now!!